Práce našich žáků

Práce našich žáků

Publikováno: 14.12.2020 Autor(ka): Klára Sieglová

Ukázka prací žáků naší školy

Po čase opět přinášíme ukázky prací našich žáků, které vytvářejí v rámci výuky. Můžete se tak podívat na to, co zajímavého vytvářejí žáci 1. i 2. stupně v hodinách českého jazyka, anglického jazyka... Děkujeme všem za pěkné práce.

Plastic pollution

With the invention of plastics the world found itself on its way to serious problems. Nowadays plastic things are everywhere because they are not biodegradable.

In my opinion we should really focus on limiting their production and controlling their recycling.

I believe that the number of plastic things( plastic bags, plastic packagings, toys etc.) floating in the ocean is really alarming.

Consequently, animals in the sea are in danger because some of them eat plastic pieces instead of natural food. There are tiny plastic pieces in seafood on our plates.

It is shocking to learn that there are tiny plastic pieces in drinking water to.

When it comes to plastic bags lying everywhere. I believe we should find a way to replace them. People should use fabric bags or paper bags. There are shops in which you can buy bags which look like plastic, but are made from natural resources. However they are more expensive.

In conclusion, I believe we should all try to reduce the amount of plastic things on our planet: oceans should be cleaned, plastic bags shouldn’t be used, plastic toys could be reused…….

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